Jeremy Graham-Clare | Action Coach St Albans | Business Coach

Jeremy Graham-Clare

Principal Coach and Owner

Jeremy Graham-Clare | Action Coach St Albans | Business Coach

Jeremy Graham-Clare, certified Principal Coach, is the owner of ActionCOACH St Albans business coaching firm. Recognised in achieving outstanding client results by receiving the coveted Excellence in Coaching levels of Bronze, Silver, Sapphire and Gold. Jeremy also achieved his first global Top 100 Business Coach position in September 2018.

Previously he held Director roles for both Serco and Capita and has worked in setting up over 27 businesses during his 20+ year career. Gaining an exceptionally strong knowledge base before starting his ActionCOACH team in 2016. He has been awarded numerous accolades from both industry and clients.

Jeremy draws upon this expertise for his clients to not only lead them to better profitability and enhance the long-term asset value of their business but also to create a business that works without them.

Charli Bernard


Charli is an all round superstar helping with almost all our client and business needs.

Leon Brown

Handsome Devil

A naturally gifted communicator, Leon is building our communications, marketing and networking activities.

Alex Charlesworth

Alex Charlesworth

Effortlessly Efficient

Alex Charlesworth

Alex is responsible for ensuring all our day to day operations are running as efficiently as our clients and business needs.

Since joining us in May 2020 she has already helped us support over 200 businesses with our Covid-19 webinars, free coaching sessions and group programs.

Tia-Lily Girdlestone

Marketing Magician

Tia makes all the brilliant initiatives come to life and be seen by our community.