A view of the scale is what is actually possible

Building a clear idea of what’s possible and refining it.

Thank you for your assistance in planning for my business growth, and in keeping that plan in contact with reality.

Planning is not something that comes naturally to me. Your way of keeping things super-simple has made it a lot more palatable, this is something I have really appreciated. In the course of our planning and coaching together – building a clear idea of what’s possible, and refining it with reference to what is actually happening. This makes sense to me.

I owe you a huge debt of thanks for helping to set me up with appropriate business development funding in support of our work together.

I’ve ended up with a couple of important things. A peer group of people who went through the process with me. This is perhaps is the most valuable thing overall. A plan of what I am actually aiming for, and a structure for keeping that plan as a living document. Actually, perhaps this is the most valuable thing overall. Finally, a view of the scale of what is actually possible.

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