Starting out on a great journey

Starting out on a great journey

“I always knew I had a great product – now I have a great business too”

How to get your business on the road to success

Christian English bring tailor made clothing to the wardrobes of customers who appreciate high quality, personal service and a level of bespoke customisation not typically available on the high street. Starting with shirts, and moving to suits, ties, accessories and personal grooming, we will deliver this at prices which compete with present competition and leave our customers satisfied they have received value for money and quality of execution.

With a focus on impeccable quality, attention to detail and extensive choice, Christian English is steadily establishing itself as a go-to brand for the fashion savvy modern consumer, and most importantly those who seek the luxury of made to measure tailoring at an extremely competitive price.

Available in a wide range of colours, fits and luxury fabrics the company prides itself on a personal and attentive approach to service and a unique but accessible product with a distinctive individuality.

The Coach's Perspective

“I really believe that there’s an Action Business Coach for every business owner out there. The thing is, there has to be a connection between coach and client, otherwise neither is likely to perform at their best. Having any sort of coach is about being pushed harder than you’d push yourself, to get better results than you probably thought possible.

“I’m extremely proud to be associated with Leon and his team who have made a real difference to the community.”

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