“It can be a lonely, chaotic place when you’re running your own business. However, when working with Jeremy at Action Coach, those feelings are eliminated. He listens and provides more than one option for potential solutions. He helps you to step back and to see the business with perspective enabling you to manage your time more effectively. He sees opportunities for growth in your business and has the processes in place to help you reach that next goal.

If you feel the need for a fresh perspective and a confidant that you can bounce ideas around with, then Jeremy at Action Coach is just who you should call.

Lauren Pears – Owner of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

“I’ve got to say, I could not have grown at the rate I have without Jeremy’s advice. He does what it says on the tin – he gives you the practical small action steps to move you forward. Somethings sound so obvious and easy but when you’re ‘in’ your business and get so close to it, it’s brilliant to have someone with high-level business and commercial experience to cut through the haze and just give it to you straight. I like working at pace. Cutting to the chase. No messing around. Jeremy is just that – a coach that creates action. Good on you. I enjoy our regular calls. It works.

Rachel Kepinska-smith, Owner of Rachel KS Consulting 

“Jeremy’s coaching has not just transformed my business but it has transformed me. My perspective as a business owner has changed completely. I feel more in control of my finances, but also my decision-making because I now have a better overview of my business. Having now laid the foundations for the day-to-day running of my business, I am able to think bigger as I am discovering who I am as a business owner. This is helping me with my branding. I find Jeremy’s support, guidance and encouragement invaluable. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for direction on how to make your business, and yourself, thrive during these challenging times.

Maria Larrain, Owner of Butterfield Osteopathy

“Thanks Jeremy you are a blessing to our generation. Your action plans are easy to understand and implement, which makes you an outstanding coach. Thank you.

Kinsley Emezie, Director at CKM Media

“I spent 90 minutes today with Jeremy. I started those 90 minutes so lost I couldn’t think of one initial question to ask. By the end of the 90 I felt I’d had 100 questions answered and we’d made a clear plan to get me out of the rut I knew I was in but was blinded by. Having that logical mind and voice speak from ‘outside’ your business, looking at it with fresh eyes, gives you a perspective on your business that you’ll never see from the ‘inside’.

Ollie Usher, Owner of SkyLab

“I wish we had met Jeremy 4 years ago before we started the business. I would urge anyone to work with Jeremy – it is an excellent investment and probably the best business decision we have ever made.”

Julie and Kevin Lee, Owners of George Street Canteen

“I had wrongly assumed that coaching was for businesses in trouble. Jeremy reviewed all of our current processes and helped us to get in to a great position in our business in order to move things forward.”

Neil Kemp, Co-owner at Network and Security

“I am thrilled that I’m now working my way to achieving my goals instead of dreaming about them! I can’t thank Jeremy and his team enough. He, and they, is supportive, encouraging and helpful and working with them you know that anything is possible (if you just have a plan!). I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jeremy to my friends, family and clients.”

Erika Moralez-Perez, Founder/Lawyer at Virtual In-House Solicitor

“Jeremy has helped me realise my potential and my future potential.  I have doubled my income in the short space of time we have worked together. Thank you Jeremy, things could of been so different without your support.”

Emma Ellis, Owner at Amber Mountain Marketing

“I’ve just completed an initial coaching call with Jeremy and in only a short period of time he’s made me feel like a successful business woman and helped me pin down specific goals for my next steps. As a coach myself (though not a business coach) I know good coaching when I see it, and this is it. Highly recommend.”

Liz Redway, Owner of Redway HR

“Thanks very much for the webinars on Survive and Thrive. Thought provoking and informative. An excellent template for preparing to emerge from this at full speed. Highly recommended. “

Jon Pentel, Owner of Pentel Telecoms

“Jeremy has been such a great life line through this pandemic by supported our mind set in helping to build our business during this difficult time.”

Maria Del Mar Jones, Founder of Indelible Bouquet

“Jeremy is a fantastic Business Coach. In the last 4 months he has helped my company ascend. The structure he brings to planning and organisation is phenomenal. Jeremy is also a lovely person and very approachable. Thank you so much. Your education and guidance to a small business owner like me is priceless. “

Pan Hapeshis, Owner of The Filmers

“Jeremy has really helped me put some structure into my business, and made me think about what I want to achieve and how much I need to earn to do that. I’ve never been great at quantifying things, but now I’m definitely moving in the right direction. He’s run his own business, so he knows the deal – recommended! “

Jeremy Hazelhurst, Owner of Jeremy Hazelhurst Writing

“Jeremy has been instrumental in helping me really understand my numbers and look under the bonnet of my business. We are really starting to achieve traction. I’m excited at what’s to come. Would recommend a conversation with Jeremy straight away! “

Jonathan Willis, Owner of Future Start

“Jeremy is an excellent coach; he really cares and is so knowledgeable and gives you accountability. Anyone who wants their business to succeed should talk to him. Thanks for all your hard work Jeremy!.”

Anna Nguyen, Owner at Golden Nugget Designs

“I had a conversation with Jeremy, which he offered free of charge, to help me with some ideas and set some goals for this uncertain period of Covid lock down. It was so refreshing to get new ideas, and Jeremy was so supportive of my limited schedule due to home schooling. I would thoroughly recommend you speak to Jeremy to get your business on track.”

Karen Potton, Utilities Warehouse

“I am very pleased to say that Jeremy has been our business coach for some time now. He has assisted us to formulate and prepare goals which has helped us to grow our business on an exponential basis. I have no reservations in recommending Jeremy as a business coach for any business determined to make the changes necessary to grow and expand to reach their potential.”

Bryce Anderson, Owner of Light Degree

“Jeremy is simply inspiring. We are already making more money on each sale and I’m so excited to continue learning from Jeremy and his proven system. Great guy, amazing coach. Thank you so much.”

Sean Walker, Owner of Body Balance

“Thank you for your assistance in planning for my business growth, and in keeping that plan in contact with reality. I’ve ended up with a view of the scale of what is actually possible.”

Philip Tottenham, Owner of PT Headshots

“I signed up to Business BookCLUB over 2 years ago and I have since read nearly 30 books. Without BookCLUB not only would I have probably only ready 1-2 books since I started business, I would not have met so many amazing business owners to talk through the issues with and learn new ideas from.  I can honestly say those books and that group have really helped me build my business and as painful as it can be to find time to read, it actually works!!! Plus you get some business coaching thrown in too. I believe every business owner should be part of the ActionCOACH St Albans Business BookCLUB to help them succeed and step outside of the business once in a while. We all need that accountability when we’re our own bosses and I highly recommend you speak with Jeremy at ActionCOACH St Albans.”

Emma Ellis, Amber Mountain Marketing 

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