Are you a startup or micro business which is brilliant at what you do but maybe not so good at the rest of running a business?

Yes?… Then BusinessCLUB is for you!

BusinessCLUB is a specially designed 12 month program of business education webinar sessions for startup and micro businesses, to get you up to speed with all areas of business. PLUS it will get you in to action through sessional activities for you to apply to your business immediately.

Throughout the course we will be covering strategy, marketing, sales, operations, HR,  and finance so that you have everything you possibly need to take your business to the next level.

Session 1 – Entrepreneurial LadderLearn about building the level of business 

Session 26 Steps to Business Success Mastery, Niche, Leverage, Team, Synergy, Freedom  

Session 3Mastery Direction Common Goals, Aspirations, SMART, Communication  

Session 4Mastery Time Timewasters, Routine tasks, Prioritisation, Dream Diary, WIP 

Session 5Mastery Money – Bank Accounts, Profit, Pricing, Discounting, Margin, CostsSession 6Mastery Delivery Feedback, People & Process, Bottlenecks, Checklists, CSO, Train 

Session 7Niche 5 Ways Buying Lifetime Customers, Business Chassis Formula 

Session 8Niche Marketing Plan Market Research, Goals, Budgets, USP, Guarantee, Target Audience 

Session 9Niche Writing & Content Creation Why, AIDA, Test and Measure, ROI 

Session 10Lead Generation – Website & Social Media 21 Strategies for Each 

Session 11- Lead Generation – Direct Marketing Outbound, Database, 4 Main Methodologies of Marketing 

Session 12 – Lead Generation – Relationship Marketing Referrals, Networking, Alliances and Community 

Session 13 – Lead Generation – Advertising & PR Web, Print, TV and Audio Advertising 

Session 14- Conversion Rate – Sales PT 1 Questions, Active Listening, Purpose and Measurement 

Session 15- Conversion Rate – Sales Pt2 Authority, Finances, Solution and Phone Standards 

Session 16. Conversion Rate- Communication DISC, VAK and Professional Standards 

Session 17- Conversion Rate – Strategy & Marketing Tools CRM, Flowchart, Scripts, Story and Objections 

Session 18- Transaction – Ladder of Loyalty Target Audience, Customers, Proactive Advocates 

Session 19- Transactions – Strategies pt 1 Classification, Database Mining and Communication 

Session 20 -Transactions – Strategies pt 2 Product Matrix and Re-Booking 

Session 21 – Average £ Sale & Profit Margins Goal %s, Checklists, Best Practice and Bonus Structure 

Session 22- Leverage – 9 Keys to Systems pt 1 Vision, Business Plan and Organisation Charts  

Session 23- 9 Keys to Systems pt 2 KPIs, KAIs, Measures, Manuals and Training 

Session 24- Business Action Plan – Ideas List, Opportunities, Priorities, Quarterly Plan and Action 

The 12 month program is just two sessions each month for £50 per month if it’s just you or otherwise it’s £100.

If you would like to hear more about BusinessCLUB please contact us at

Thursday 30th January - Friday 29th January

11:30 am

from £350+VAT

01727 576 036