What is GrowthCLUB?

The ActionCOACH GrowthCLUB is a powerful, action packed and highly focused 1 day business planning workshop that combines the synergy of your local business coaching team and like minded, innovative business owners and their teams to create a clear business growth plan for your business.

By the end of the workshop you will have absolute focus on where your business will be in 90 days time and a complete action plan to get you there. Using this plan, you and your coach will take your business from where you are to where you want to be. There is simply no alternative if you are serious about remaining in business.






What can I gain from GrowthCLUB?

  • Energy, vision, focus and a growth plan for the next 90 days in your business
  • A ready to implement, real time 90 day business growth plan of exactly what to do to get your business to where you want it to be in 90 days time
  • New business contacts
  • Powerful confidence, leadership and decision making skills to take you and your business growth further than you thought possible

Who else will be there ?

Like-minded business owners who care passionately about their business and who want more profit, more time and more life. Some attendees are regular clients of ActionCOACH who are working with one of our Business Coaches. Some attendees regularly attend GrowthCLUB to focus on their growth plan and ensure that they complete plans every quarter without fail. And some attendees will be at GrowthCLUB for the first time.

Who should attend?

GrowthCLUB is designed for Business owners and senior managers who will get the most benefit from the day, though anyone is welcome. Many business owners choose to bring one or two of their senior team. It often helps to bring along more then one person from a company, as it can make it easier to create plans on the day, and to hit the ground running back at the office when it comes to implementing the plans.

Is this just for big businesses?

GrowthCLUB is for just about any size of business, whether you’re the business owner with no employees, or part of a large organisation with a large team – all sizes of business attend this event. In fact the variety makes it more interesting, and good for extending our range of business contacts. Many of our attendees find commonality and end up selling to each other or collaborating in other ways, it’s an added benefit to the growth plan.

Who runs the event?

GrowthCLUB is an ActionCOACH event, run by Jeremy Graham-Clare. This month we will be co-hosting with ActionCOACH Jamie Goral.

Investment for the growth plan:

Your most significant investment will be a day of your time and we guarantee you’ll find it worthwhile. You will receive a preparation pack to review and complete in advance of the event and on the day you will receive a comprehensive 90-day planning pack. A charge of £299+VAT per company is made for the full day workshop including all the planning materials allowing 2 people to attend. Further attendees from the same company are charged at £150+VAT. Attendees will be invoiced for payment just prior to the event.

Previous Attendees say…

“A great way to prioritise your goals, making a clear plan and exchange your thoughts with other businesses”
Nick M

“You are not aware of how much you are missing until you try it!
Ashleigh D

“This process will force you to take action instead of coasting along – you need to spend this time ON your business. This is my 6th time for a reason! There ‘s always a perceivable improvement in the business growth afterwards”
Nick B

”You should really look at this. It will open your eyes and inspire you to take action”
Simon B

“It’s fun, interactive, helps you highlight issues and focus on achieving your growth goals”
Helen P

So how do I sign up?

Just call fill in your details below and that’s it!

Thursday 6th October

9:30 am - 5:00 pm

from £299+VAT


01727 576 036