As your business grows, you will most likely start adding team members, which means learning how to manage your team. As they take over tasks and areas of your business, this frees you up for working ‘on’ your business.

Releasing your time does not mean abdicating responsibility. When you first start off, you may be spontaneously directing your small team as and when you are all free. You probably get things done quickly by having an open-door policy and allowing your team to get answers from you immediately. As you grow, you will likely find that this system stops working for you.

Tasks start to fall between the cracks. You may start feeling disconnected as the complexity of the relationships in your business increases exponentially. You may start to see productivity slump inexplicably. And if this is left unchecked, overwhelm, frustration and stress levels start shooting through the roof as your profit starts entering decline.

Here’s the one thing that you need to keep in mind as you grow your team in order to avoid crashing into this complexity ceiling.

Most Business Owners Don’t Have Regular Team Meetings

Right now if I were to ask you to list down five benefits of having team meetings in your business I’m very certain you will be able to give me five reasons of why they are so important.

At the same time the question to you right now is are you consistently having team meetings in your business? Are you having your one-to-ones, your team meetings on a weekly basis / on a quarterly basis in your business?

And I can tell you for most of the businesses out there that’s not the case, even though they know what the benefits are of having team meetings.

I’m not going to list down five benefits or more benefits of having team meetings, but literally share with you one key benefit, which every smart business owner needs to understand to make sure that your business is moving forward at the right pace.

The One Reason You Need to Have Regular Team Meetings

If there’s one reason you need to have team meetings in a regular way in your business is this: just before the team meetings there is a spike in activities in your business. That’s a given fact.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether people are doing that activity or that task over the first few days just before the meeting or just an hour before the team meeting. The point I am trying to make here is that when you have team meetings and team reviews the activity level in the business just spikes up right before that team meeting.

If you want to have more spikes in the activities in your business it’s important that you actually have regular frequent team meetings in your business.

The Heartbeat Of Your Business

A team meeting is like a pulse in your business. When you are running fast, especially when the business is growing, and you want the business to grow in a more sustainable way, the pulse of the business will be beating at a faster level, and at a higher level.

What that really means is that you need to have more frequent meetings, more consistent meetings.

When you do that, the activities in your business will be spiking up at multiple levels, assuming that you have provided clarity at the right level in the right direction.

So, once again check how is the pulse of your business and what is it that you can do to make it run and faster level, at a better level, in a more exciting way, in a more sustainable way.