I am now in a position to expand my services

I have realised my worth and have the confidence to fight the fear and do it anyway

Having helped so many people grow their businesses through my Marketing expertise before, I thought setting up my own business would be easy. I had all the skills I needed, as I have done it all before. What I didn’t account for in running your own business is that you have to do more than just marketing. As I tell my clients, we can’t be experts in everything and I knew I needed some help.

I signed up with Jeremy Graham-Clare six months ago to help me get to grips with my business. He has been a fundamental part of my growth. Jeremy has really helped me to understand the importance of knowing my numbers and future forecast planning. This is vital to any business, to ensure they know what they need to do to continue growing.

Jeremy has helped me forecast my expansion and listened to me and tolerated my continuous questions without any judgement. More importantly than numbers though, Jeremy has made me realise my worth. He has given me the confidence to fight the fear and do it anyway. Any time I’m having a wobble he gets me right back in the zone!

I have been in business one year and my original forecast for the year before meeting Jeremy was to ‘try to break even and quite frankly survive’. However, I am now in a position to expand my services. I have taken on my first employee, I am looking for an office space and I am planning for two new employees this year.

I have worked very hard but Jeremy has taught me to work more efficiently. Something that I thought I was very good at until I met him. So, thank you so much for helping me Jeremy.

I believe that every business owner should have a business coach to help them succeed. We all need accountability when we’re our own bosses. If you want your business to grow, I highly recommend you speak with Jeremy Graham-Clare!

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