In a great position to move business forward

Jeremy helped us get into a great position in order to move business forward

“In August last year, I sat down with my business partner to discuss how our business was going to move forward. We both spent all of our time working for customers and started to realise we had a bit of a lifestyle business going on.

Jeremy had been talking to me about the benefits of business coaching. To be honest, I hadn’t come across coaching for business before in that context. I had wrongly assumed that it was for businesses in trouble. The more we listened, and particularly after a one to one meeting we had, it struck me that this was something our business needed and decided to move forward with the coaching.

Jeremy reviewed all of our current processes, our personal and business profiles and helped us to get in to a great position in our business in order to move things forward. All the while answering our many questions and helping to streamline our processes and get the business in good order.

I have no problems recommending Jeremy to our customers and prospects and thank him for his ongoing help and advice.”

Neil Kemp – Network & Security Ltd –

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